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The salivary glands make saliva (spit). This keeps your mouth moist and helps food to slide down the gullet into the stomach. The largest salivary glands are the:

  • Sublingual Glands, which are found underneath the tongue
  • Parotid Glands, which are found at the sides of the mouth just in front of the ears
  • Submandibular Glands, which are found under the jawbone.

There are also many more tiny glands in the lining of the mouth and throat. These don′t have individual names but are known as the minor salivary glands.

At Dharamshila Hospital, we have full range of specialists to treat benign and cancerous salivary gland tumors. The team may include Head and Neck Surgeons, Oral Surgeons, Pathologists, Radiation Oncologists and Medical Oncologists.

Treatment of salivary gland cancer can affect facial muscles and patients′ ability to swallow and speak. Our oncologists pioneered minimally invasive treatments for salivary gland cancer and use these methods whenever possible to reduce these complications for patients.